Renewable energy field

(Development of waste plastic pyrolysis technology)

 Waste plastic pyrolysis oil

 Pyrolysis of waste plastics is a new environmental technology that is attracting worldwide attention these days.

 In particular, the rapid and continuous pyrolysis method of waste plastics is a technology that is in the research stage globally, and we aim to contribute to the increase in domestic plant engineering technology through step-by-step technology development and technology transfer, and to secure technical capabilities equivalent to the world's advanced technology in the future based on this.


  Development of catalytic chemical upgrading technology
    for waste plastic pyrolysis oil

  We are engaged in research and development to establish a resource recycling system using technology that re-extracts naphtha, a raw material for plastics, from waste plastics through catalyst technology enhancements.


  Plastic resource recycling process


  Pilot Plant Construction Plan (1ton/day scale pilot plant)

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